Midnight Audio


When the space demands it, Midnight Audio can design and create custom work. We believe the sound system should reflect the vision for the space and it should be consistent with the overall design aesthetic.

Speakers, DJ Tables, and mounting hardware can be custom made to suit your project. With our design expertise and our network of local craftsmen, we can produce unique, functional, and stunning solutions for your system.

Why go custom?


Custom mounting hardware fabricated for the California Clipper. This array cages a sub-woofer with Sorbothane isolation pads. Below it hangs a fully articulating main cabinet mount.

3D design for cabinets and mounts
custom welded steel mount
speaker placement mockup
custom cabinet hanging real life


12" cabinets beign fabricated for Schuba's lounge
testing and tuning custom speakers for optimum performance

This is the build process for the custom Gramaphone 8″ Tannoy monitor for the dj booth at the record store.

3d design for dj monitor
prototype cabinets
so excited to listen to these!