Midnight Audio


Beyond installing systems, Midnight Audio can service various audio equipment. From repairs and restorations to modifications and experiments, we seek out inspiration and technology (new and old) to fuel our passion for excellent sound.

Technics 1200 mk2-mk7, m3d
Repair, Maintenance, Modifications

To keep the music alive and the records spinning we have had to learn to repair turntables. Specically the technics 1200 mk2 through mk2-mk7 and m3d models. As it is the most popular and standard dj turntable in the world, we are constantly maintaining and refurbishing them for local DJs/clubs and always looking to make improvements to the design where possible.

Contact us to keep your 1200s working like new.

Services Include:
-general cleaning
-missing screws
-power supply/cable
-power switch
-pop up light
-pitch fader
-GND wire
-RCA wire
-audio PCB
-height adjustment/lock
-anti skate
-tone arm lifter
-tone arm rest
-Tone Arm
-cone screws
-head shell clamp
-tone arm wire
-counter weight/nipple

restored Technics 1200 RCA input pcb with internal ground connection per client's request

Neotek Console Maintenance

Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a beautiful mixing console that is as old as we are. This Neotek Series 1 console over at Reliable Recorders needed some love and attention. Some channels had developed some noise. We needed to find out why and fix it. The issue turned out to be aging op-amp chips, so we proceeded with a blanket replacement of all the op-amps in the console (over 100 chips.) Once the noise problem was solved, we then continued with the replacement of all 16 channel faders. Now this console is a joy to operate. Alex can make fader movements with confidence. No more cracklies!

Neotek series I testing
replacing faulty op-amps in the console
new channel faders installed

Compression Driver Repair

Klipsch La Scala midrange diaphram inspection