Midnight Audio


Midnight Audio installs sound systems and acoustic treatment for bars, restaurants, clubs, recording studios, galleries, shops, and homes. We work hard to make sure the sound system reflects the design aesthetics of the space. Speaker and amplifier choice can say a lot about a space. Take a look at what Midnight Audio has been installing around Chicago.

Midnight Audio sound system design and audio installations

Podlasie Club

2918 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

When we heard Podlasie Club was renovating, we knew they were going to need a killer dance club system. We sourced the most appropriate system we could find for their space, the Klipsch La Scala. Podlasie appears to be a regular neighborhood bar in front, but it hosts large dance club system in the back.

Podlasie Club sound system

The club features classic Klipsch “La Scala” system brought into the future with DSP processing, time alignment, and custom tweeters. The system is Supported by the 8 x 18″ drivers of the JBL cinema subs. The Klipsch KPT-250-II cinema speakers fill in the rear of the dance floor and are flown with custom hardware. Finally we used real time measurement tools to optimize the frequency and phase response. It is now known to be one of the best dance club sound experiences in Chicago.

exposed midrange horns
dance floor
installing the rear fill speakers of the dance floor
system tuning in progress

California Clipper

1002 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

The installation at the California Clipper is dual purpose. It can facilitate live musical performances on the main stage and DJ performances in the back lounge.

main room stage with monitor, main, and fill speakers
dj room

A pair of custom wood veneer cabinets housing 15″ Tannoy coaxial drivers are placed in each room. The mains are supported by 12″ Italian subwoofers in custom band pass cabinets. Each set of main and sub are flown in a tight cluster using custom hardware. The subwoofers in the lounge can be seen poking through the acoustic cloud ceiling which quiets down the reflected sound in the room. The custom made DJ table was painstakingly designed to isolate turntables from floor vibrations and mimic the design direction of the lounge bar.

clipper back bar sound system
dj booth and bar


2204 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

We F#%*ing Love Your Hair reached out to us when they realized their space was acoustically uncomfortable. Midnight Audio installed acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling to quiet down the reflected noise in the space. Cost efficient black panels on the walls and white clouds on the ceiling match the minimal styling and lighting scheme of the salon. Now hair stylists and clients are more relaxed and can converse easily in the acoustically treated environment.

WFLYH hair salon - photo: Alisha Tova
black panels for the walls - photo: Alisha Tova
white clouds for the ceiling - photo: Alisha Tova


1001 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Segnatore initially had a harsh sonic environment (as many successful restaurants do!) We installed over 25 acoustic panels on the ceiling and walls which significantly quieted down the reflected noise in the room. The panels match the interior very well. Staff and patrons notice and appreciate the difference. The environment is significantly less fatiguing for the ears so that meaningful conversations can carry on while patrons enjoy amazing food and cocktails.

left ceiling
right ceiling
acoustic panel close up

Schuba's Upstairs Lounge

3159 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

The Schuba’s upstairs lounge is a historic “Schlitz Bar” that needed a sound system to match its vintage interior. Our four corner sound system features 4 Tannoy 12″ custom cabinets designed and tuned by Midnight Audio. A double 18″ JBL cinema subwoofer supports the 4 speakers. The Tannoys are powered by Bryston 3B ST amplifiers. The speakers are flown from the ceiling with adjustable, custom welded hardware.

custom cabinets to match the bar finish
custom speaker hanging hardware
Bryston amplifiers for hi-fi sound

Gramaphone Records

2843 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

The Gramaphone system features custom made 8″ Tannoy Monitors in the DJ booth. The monitors are aimed perfectly at the DJ utilizing some repurposed countertop mounts. The cabinets are designed using the golden ratio. We are honored to serve this legendary Chicago record shop.

custom dj booth monitors

The mains are Tannoy 12″ drivers placed in repurposed and re-tuned PA cabinets that the store owner had on hand. The system is powered by Lab Gruppen amps and supported by a 10″ Tannoy ceiling mounted subwoofer.

Gramaphone record store system
main speaker with repurposed cabinet and Tannoy driver